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After thoughtful consideration and following an 18 month transition period, JP Thompson & Associates will cease providing any healthcare and other business consulting services effective March 31, 2019.  As principal of “Thompson”, I thank my wife Lin, every family member, friend, business associate, mentor, client and prospect for all you have taught me during these past 27 years.  I’m humbled by what we’ve accomplished together and honored to have met and worked with each of you.

Jeffrey P. Thompson


Our web site offers up to date information about this innovative and creative integrated business management consulting firm that specializes in custom solutions to business situations.

We level the playing field for our clients utilizing every resource possible to achieve each of the goals agreed upon. We are cognizant of the value of a win-win philosophy in developing positive long-term relationships.

We maintain a most professional support system uniquely qualified to analyze problems quickly and efficiently and present meaningful advice and alternatives and guess what? We stay around to implement or facilitate the implementation process. Sound different? You’re right, it is and it’s by design.

Take a look at the information we have provided and take action – call us to better understand how our resources may help you achieve those elusive goals and objectives.