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Strategic Partnerships

Our Mission states that we expect to be called upon for any needs that our clients have. To that end THOMPSON has cultivated and developed numerous experienced and professional “strategic partners” who have resources, industry specific expertise and will perform. We have chosen each “partner” very carefully, for their expertise, as well as, their integrity, ethics and commitment to quality performance and outcomes. We feel that by “pooling” our collective expertise, we provide a unique and comprehensive approach to the needs of our clients. We set meaningful goals with our clients, which are meant to:

  • Enhance revenue opportunities
  • Assess information and convert it to meaningful data for analysis and action
  • Implement successful growth strategies for the present and the future
  • Add increased levels of profit

These are people and organizations that we trust and have extensive proven experience dealing with physicians, surgeons and doctors. They will perform and they will be accountable. We select the people and organizations as required by the client including:

  • Business valuation experts
  • Back office private labeled billing company
  • Concierge medicine company
  • Customized HR support professionals
  • Specialized healthcare consultants
  • Accountants
  • Attorneys
  • Marketing professionals
  • Marketing professionals
  • Banking professionals
  • Computer hardware and software vendors/consultants
  • Coding, medical chart documentation and compliance experts
  • Billing and reimbursement experts
  • Operations and financial experts
  • Insurance Companies and Re-Insurance Companies
  • Industry experts and consultants
  • Practice Managers
  • Practice Administrators
  • Hospital executives
  • Private investors
  • Physicians, Surgeons and Doctors
  • Medical equipment sales and leasing
  • Real estate and medical equipment financing
  • Healthcare facility design development, construction management and facility management
  • Designers of web pages


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