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Ethics Statement

This firm and all of its relationships and activities are based on the highest level of professional and personal ethics. Clients, vendors and other professional and personal relationships will be treated with respect and dignity.

Every day …

  1. We expect to earn the privilege to serve our clients – and we stand by our word, our products and our service.
  2. We level the playing field for our clients by asking hard questions on their behalf, being accountable for results and making others working for our clients accountable for their results.
  3. We build long term relationships with and for our clients based on character, integrity, trust, mutual respect and performance.
  4. We are the one “source” for all the business needs of our clients. Our network of industry professionals is a proven added value.
  5. We are a service company. To us that means without our clients this Company does not exist. Our reputation means everything.

This business environment has presented many opportunities. The important question is, “Which opportunities will allow our clients to control their business destinies, improve control and reduce uncertainties while earning reasonable profits?” Our work results in  clients developing a broad perspective of their market; they learn to understand and appreciate  the investment of time and effort to develop strategic business plans that guide them in the achievement of goals and objectives.  These unique services have been cornerstones of the THOMPSON reputation.

THOMPSON represents more than 40 years of dealing with a multitude of business issues. This “significant experience gives us (and you!) an “unfair advantage” in dealing with your issues. We understand the broad and basic needs of the “players” and use that information to the advantage of our clients. We “empower” our clients and their management teams with customized business skills and knowledge needed to assure their success. We work closely with our clients developing their talents and abilities to maximize resources and profit. We are there to observe, evaluate, coach, facilitate, recommend and yes, actually implement plans. Business “opportunities” will continue to evolve. We believe that a healthy positive attitude, understanding alternatives and good business skills, will help many healthcare professionals enjoy the results they desire. THOMPSON is committed to making that happen!

Our client interaction is straightforward and personal. No frills, no fancy packages or weighty reports. We will meet with you to understand all the issues and then work with you to prepare a written plan that clearly and accurately represents your expectations and emphasizes results. We will be there to assist you, as you require, throughout the project. We believe that project expenses must be investments with a measurable return! This total commitment attitude focuses on results. Focus on anything else is unacceptable. Our reputation is important to us and it should be to you. Experience the difference!

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