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Terms and conditions

Pricing is structured to meet individual needs of clients.

Initial meeting – no charge. The purpose for an initial meeting is to gain our own perspective of  specific issues. These meetings are approximately one hour and a good opportunity for prospective clients to ask relevant questions about THOMPSON experience with their particular situation. Following this initial meeting, if it appears there is a “meeting of the minds” a DRAFT “Letter of Understanding” is prepared and forwarded for review and confirmation that it represents a clear explanation of the project, expectations, time lines and associated expenses. If it does, the project commences. Bottom line, the client is in control.

Typical consulting engagements – hourly fees are based on estimated time and complexity of the assignment and location(s). Most fees include all travel and other related business expenses (in NJ). Call for specifics as they relate to your particular needs.

Expert witness documents and testimony – fees are based upon nature of assignment and expertise required to provide substantive material or testimony.

Speaking engagements – professional fees depend on location, extent of presentation, topic and repeat engagements or additional assignments.

Work is performed on a retainer compensation model based on the current hourly fee (which includes related local business travel expenses) and a specific retainer. We monitor time allocated for assignments against the retainer. If, as work progresses, it appears  our involvement will exceed the retainer, then the retainer will be replenished. If work is concluded and there remains a portion of the initial or any subsequent unused retainer, that money will be returned directly to you. In other words, you maintain full control of the total project investment.

Here is the “The difference”!

We understand the concern that some clients may have for becoming involved in extensive contractual engagements. Why should you pay for someone who is not doing the job they said they would do? We are prepared “to earn the right to handle our clients’ business” every day. Therefore, clients may terminate projects at any time, for any reason, with no questions asked – Guaranteed in writing!

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