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Overview/outline of services and products

Business / Financial Services

  • Using resource based relative values and your Profit and Loss Statement to maximize profit
  • Developing innovative and alternative staff compensation models
  • Developing and implementing alternative or new physician compensation models
  • Developing and implementing effective short and long term Business Plans
  • Assisting in mergers, sales or employment model alternatives
  • Negotiating stipends with hospitals
  • Budget development and management
  • Minimizing exposure to RAC and other audits
  • Professional coaching
  • Staff assessment – Improving effectiveness and efficiency of the staff
  • Risk Management Gap Analysis resulting in minimizing exposure to assets
  • Oversight management of your billing department or third party billing company
  • Negotiating increased reimbursement with managed care companies
  • Maximizing cash flow and profit with better management of your accounts receivable
  • Financial and management benchmark reporting, analysis and management
  • New practice start-ups – planning, implementation and monitoring progress
  • Marketing – profitable business growth and expansion strategies and implementation support
  • Developing and implementing retirement strategies
  • Business Skill Training Programs

Professional business skills management training for physician owners and managers

  • “Customer” service training – interpersonal communication skill training programs for staff
  • “Tailored” business skills coaching for business owners and management personnel
  • Interviewing and Hiring System that will ensure the right hire the first time
  • “Roll up your sleeves” workshops on negotiation and mediation skills
  • Cost accounting using Resource Based Relative Values to uncover true profit
  • Business System Development and Implementation
  • EHR – Selecting the appropriate software system (financial and management reports)
  • Developing meaningful management and financial reports and internal Risk Management protocols
  • Assessment of and implementing and monitoring effective billing and collection protocols
  • Development of effective and “tailored” business skill training programs
  • Developing, implementing and controlling effective management infrastructures with policies and procedures

Practice Manuals

  • Corporate Compliance Manuals and Implementation Guides
  • Employee Policy Manuals including job descriptions and performance reviews
  • Business Associate documents
  • Physicians Policy Manuals
  • HIPAA Manuals and Implementation Plans
  • Reimbursement and Administration Manuals
  • Procedures Manuals including job descriptions
  • Clinical Procedures Manual
  • OSHA/CLIA Manuals
  • Emergency/Disaster Planning Manual
  • Contracts – non-legal content development and negotiation


  • Managed Care contracts
  • Hospital/practice service agreements
  • LLC member agreements
  • Physician and management Employment and Confidentiality Agreements
  • Business Purchase Agreements and Promissory Notes
  • Independant Contractor Agreements
  • Shareholder/Partner Agreements – Buy-in/Buy-out Agreements, deferred compensatinon agreements
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Joinder agreements