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Project List


SurgeonEngaged to assist a surgeon in developing a regional cancer service.
Internal Medicine PracticeEngaged to facilitate the sale of a medical practice and free standing office building.
Billing/Collection CompanyEngaged to guide transition to new leadership; analyzing operations and facilitating improvements in all vendor services; staff morale and efficiency; assistance in Administrator management training including revenue cycle management, interviewing and hiring, time management and business strategy/planning.
OB-GYN PracticeEngaged to facilitate completion of the corporate Operating Agreement. Interview all owners and present key issues related to the Agreement with specific recommendations related to business operations.
Surgical PracticeAssist in resolution of a legal transaction between attorneys and the practice.
Emergency Medicine GroupEngaged to assist in developing and presenting a proposal to expand Group’s hospital based services to include Observation Unit clinical and management services.
Neuropsychology PracticeEngaged to assist in analysis of business operations and assessment of services distribution model
GI PracticeEngaged to facilitate/medicate a business retreat; 12 hours of “hands on” working sessions dedicated to: strategic planning, compensation, deployment and internal management structure/responsibilities.
Hospitalist PracticeEngaged to analyze business operations and negotiate a renewal of a Services Agreement and the related stipend
Hospitalist PracticeEngaged to analyze, make recommendations and help implement refinements in infrastructure, business systems and assist in crafting a long term Business Plan while maximizing profitability.
GI PracticeEngaged to facilitate, mediate relationships among doctors with the objective of achieving behavioral modification necessary to support a culture most advantageous to the general practice and desired by the partners.
Anesthesia PracticeEngaged to assist in evaluating an employment opportunity vs other transitional practice models
Advertising businessEngaged to assist in managing the implementation of an internet driven blog system designed to generate new business leads.  
Thoracic Practice Engaged to assist in developing a regional thoracic service in Monmouth/Ocean counties.
HospitalEngaged to analyze revenue cycle trends and new revenue potential of a specific medical practice; objective is determining the hospital/physician practice alignment model that would generate the most benefits to stakeholders.
Anesthesia PracticeEngaged to provide a multi-year  financial trending analysis and a strategy for  maximizing profitability.  Assignment includes consideration of alternative care team  models, stipends and point of service efficiency studies leading to  collaborative rehabilitation opportunities.
Anesthesia PracticeEngaged to assist in the  development of various physician employment models and compensation arrangements driven by business expansion opportunities.
Hospital Medical PracticeEngaged to assist in a physician employment project; develop and facilitate  a due-diligence process   collaborating with hospital executives and the physician in modeling employment  and compensation  alternatives.  
Emergency Medicine Practice Engaged to assist in a restructuring of the Practice including revised leadership roles, updated internal policies and procedures and analysis of all vendor results vs. objectives, staff and compensation analysis and marketing/rebranding opportunities.
Advertising Agency Engaged to assist owner in developing a formal management infrastructure and providing  executive coaching support  and management direction in crafting and implementing business systems and effectively managing the financial health of the business.  
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Practice Engaged to assist in the development of a new service line and implementation of an expanded, internet based marketing strategy
Cardiothoracic and vascular surgery practice Engaged to assist in facilitating a senior partner buy-out and developing a PA program. Assist in recruiting and hiring an associate surgeon and crafting a compensation plan.
Intensivist ProgramEngaged to assist a physician committee of  independent physicians in the development of a business model and compensation arrangement for an Intensivist program at a NJ hospital.  Negotiate terms and conditions with administration.
Medical practice consulting company
 Engaged to assist owner in developing a dynamic marketing strategy designed to accentuate key services; monitor  progress and offer additional guidance as required.
Oral  & Maxillofacial Surgery PracticeEngaged to assist in reorganizing the practice, developing and installation of internal policies/procedures; training an Office Manager; crafting an associate employment agreement; drafting and implementing an Employee Policy Manual; reviewing  insurance schedule.
Anesthesia PracticeEngaged to assist in analyzing operations of 3 separate anesthesia groups in 3 different hospitals and helping craft a single anesthesia practice model for the hospitals and present the solution to senior executives.
NJ Business CoalitionEngaged to facilitate development of an integrated Business Plan linking local business and political leaders in a Mission designed to effectively market a joint military base in Burlington County assuring its growth and perpetuation. Facilitate a Retreat process to help leaders focus on priorities, develop, implement and manage results of action plans.
Hematology/Oncology PracticeEngaged to facilitate the sale of the practice.
Anesthesia PracticeEngaged to assist in developing and implementing a Business Plan.
Ob/Gyn practiceEngaged to facilitate an off-site 2 1/2 day business retreat to address current and long term strategic planning and the required culture and management support to accomplish the Mission
Orthopedic PracticeEngaged to develop and implement a Corporate Compliance Plan, an Employee Policy Manual, review and comment on practice financials and other system reports including RBRVS profit analysis, develop and implement job descriptions, oversee development and implementation of OSHA and HIPAA manuals.
Anesthesiology PracticesEngaged to assist two anesthesiology practices in developing a joint venture allowing the formation of one anesthesia group to provide services to two hospitals under one Services Agreement.
 Plastic Surgery Practice Engaged to assist in a practice start-up project providing oversight and management of vendor support. Business Plan, financial proformas, marketing, office locations, hospital relationships, legal documents and accounting services.
MSO companyEngaged to assist in developing and managing physician owned MSOs for hospital based medical practices.
Pediatric PracticeEngaged to assist in the sale of the practice and real estate.
Anesthesia PracticeEngaged to assist in selecting an outsourced third party billing and collection service and developing and implementing a new internal management model and business management support.
Anesthesia PracticesEngaged to assist eight individual anesthesia practices (representing more an 110 anesthesiologists) in negotiating various managed care contracts.
 Hematology/Oncology PracticeEngaged to assist the practice in negotiating an Agreement with a local hospital to combine resources to stabilize and then expand an oncology clinic.
 Gastroenterology Practice with an ASCEngaged to assist the practice in negotiating several managed care contracts; additionally to facilitate the development of a disciplined management infrastructure and a long term business plan.
 Internal Medicine PracticeEngaged to sell the practice. Client is exploring the potential of selling the practice to an Accountable Care Organization
 Pain Management PracticeEngaged to sell the practice.
 Anesthesiology practiceEngaged to audit billing/collection results for the previous 21 months.
Cardiothoracic and vascular surgery practiceEngaged to develop an Employee Policy Manual.
 Hospital Sr. Management Team – Executive CoachingEngaged to analyze and comment on various areas of the management infrastructure.
 Anesthesia AssociationEngaged to assist in the development of a for profit, exclusively physician owned, non-clinical services company. Participate as consultant, Secretary and Treasurer and Director.
 Radiology practiceEngaged to negotiate managed care contracts – non-par to par.
 Anesthesiology practiceEngaged to negotiate managed care contracts non-par to par.
 General surgeonEngaged to analyze and negotiate a hospital based practice employment agreement.
 Anesthesiology PracticeEngaged to facilitate a closer relationship with Administration more clearly defining and refining responsibilities and deliverables.  Working collaboratively to improve utilization of OR capacity while solidifying the business infrastructure of the Anesthesia practice.
 Multiple Anesthesiology practicesEngaged to negotiate managed care contract renewals and par contracts using analysis of practice financial results in units, cases, income, charges and adjustments, Ob and other drivers impacting on unit and OB reimbursement.
 Professional Management CompanyEngaged to research and develop a “fair market value” for management services provided to an outpatient hemotology/oncology clinic.
 Radiology PracticeEngaged by owners to assist with re engineering practice governance, developing and implementing internal policies and procedures, setting business relationship priories. Assistance in reviewing corporate agreements (Shareholders Agreement, Employment Agreement, Deferred Compensation Agreement); assistance in researching funding vehicles
 Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery PracticeEngaged to analyze practice operations for potential sale of the practice to a hospital system as part of a physician integration / alignment master plan.
 Billing/Collection CompanyEngaged to assist owners in developing a negotiation strategy related to their service pricing model.
 Cardiology PracticeEngaged by principals to assist in a 2 stage business overhaul concentrating on budget control, EMR purchase and implementation, coding/documentation audit, evaluating managed care profits and new income development.
 Podiatric Surgical PracticeEngaged to assist in the acquisition of a podiatric practice; assist in crafting a partnership arrangement with current associate.
 SurgeonEngaged to analyze a Hospital Employment Agreement and a Forgivable Loan Services Agreement; develop comment sheet and discuss pros/cons and ramifications with the surgeon.
 Urology PracticeEngaged to analyze practice operations and recommend and implement activities designed to increase profit and maximize staff efficiency. Develop and assist in implementation of an Employee Policy Manual.
 Multi site OB/Gyn PracticeEngaged to draft an Employee Policy Manual and a Corporate Compliance Plan. Corporate Compliance Plan includes an eight (8) month Implementation Guide.
 Ambulatory Surgical Center Management CompanyEngaged by principals to assist in developing and implementing a unique surgi-center expansion model in targeted states. Involves site selection; contractual arrangements; compliance issues, physician recruitment and managing the Business Plan.
 AnesthesiologyExtended projects include: Updating and revising Shareholder and Deferred Compensation and Operating Agreements; Compliance Audits; Managed Care Unit negotiations; interviewing and hiring physicians and CRNA’s; long term business planning; expansion of Pain Management services; facilitating implementation/transition of Electronic Health Records; facilitating Executive Committee meetings; evaluating surgi-center opportunities and related private offering documents, proformas and business valuations; assistance in crafting physician employment agreements and compensation plans; negotiating hospital service agreements and assisting in managing hospital executive relationships; analyzing profit center financial results; updating Employee Policy Manuals; developing and implementing Corporate Compliance Programs; assisting in managing unacceptable physician behavior; developing and implementing disciplinary guidelines; support in negotiating third party billing company agreement and cost accounting analysis; working with attorney’s and accountants and insurance professionals in related projects.
 Internal MedicineEngaged for two specific objectives: first, to evaluate EMR options, make a selection and oversee implementation; second, to evaluate efficiency and effectiveness of staff; that project commencing with analysis of individual Staff Questionnaires; expanded engagement has included selection of a third party billing company and assisting the Manager in developing and implementing staff job desacriptions.
 Orthopedic SurgeonEngaged to assist surgeon in evaluating new opportunities as a partner or solo practitioner  strategy for disengaging from current employer; lease/purchase negotiations for new space.
 PhysiatristEngaged to assist in developing an Employee Policy Manual.
 Hospitalist Engaged to review an employment agreement offered by a hospital.
 Pulmonology PracticeEngaged to complete a cost accounting analysis of managed care contracts; assist the Administrator in negotiating better rates from payors or implementing a plan to withdraw from select managed care plans; assess risk management and efficiency opportunities; develop a compensation model for a NP; assist in the interviewing process; develop and implement a plans to maximize profit.
 Corporate Compliance Manual and Implementation GuideEngaged to develop a Corporate Compliance Manual and Implementation Guide for an anesthesiology practice.
 Employee Policy ManualsEngaged to develop and implement comprehensive Employee Policy Manuals for two separate companies that meet current NJ and federal labor rules and regulations.
 Pathology Practice Engaged to assist practice in analysis of the business in preparation for negotiating a hospital stipend.
 Orthopedic and Sports Medicine PracticeEngaged to assist in evaluating practice operations. Recommend and implement necessary policy/procedure and organizational structure changes to maximize profit.
 Urology PracticeEngaged to complete a cost accounting analysis of the profit or loss per RVU and assist in developing and implementing corrective strategies.
 Outpatient Infusion Center Engaged to assist in developing and implementing strategies for expansion to other locations; develop a proforma analysis for a sufficient and generally assist in business oversight.
 Podiatric Surgical GroupEngaged to assist with new business start-up including operations, billing and collections and marketing projects.
 Hospital Operating RoomsEngaged to work with hospital administration, anesthesiologists, surgeons and nurses to analyze and refine OR efficiency.
 Internal MedicineEngaged by a 3rd year resident to review and comment on the business issues in a proposed Hospitalist Agreement.
 Anesthesia GroupEngaged to assist the owners and CEO in analyzing business operations including; Billing and Collection service, internal policies and procedures, profit center results and OR efficiency. Support development of new strategies and assist in implementation as needed.
 Pediatric Orthopedic PracticeEngaged to analyze managed care relationships (profit/loss) utilizing RBRVS methodology; Develop and implement corrective strategies as needed; Evaluate merger impact on practice – long and short term.
 Medical Billing CompanyEngaged to facilitate client/company business relationships by assuming point person role and conducting monthly financial analysis and update meetings.
 Data Analysis CompanyEngaged to develop an M & A survey form with the objective of developing and selling an M & A product
 Private BusinessesEngaged to develop Employee Policy Manuals for a home health provider company and a construction company.
 Orthopedic PracticeEngaged to analyze the business hard asset values for an associate buy-in formula.
 OB/Gyn PracticeEngaged to analyze scheduling and staff efficiency, make recommendations and assist in implementation of a rehabilitation strategy as needed.
 OB/Gyn AssociationEngaged to survey 30 OB/GYN practices by collecting specific financial and operations information. Result will be a collective summary report.
 MOB Development CompanyEngaged to design and implement a marketing strategy to attract specific physician specialties to new medical office buildings/suites.
 Internal MedicineEngaged by a 4th year resident to review and comment on the business issues in a proposed Hospitalist Agreement.
 Orthopedic GroupEngaged to facilitate a merger and develop ancillary income opportunities.
 Internal Medicine PracticeEngaged to complete a reimbursement analysis with specific recommendations. Upon satisfactory completion of this assignment, was further engaged to implement the remedial strategy commencing with development and installation of job descriptions for staff, management and the Managing Partner.
 Physician AssociationRetained to develop practice business services including cost accounting analysis, reimbursement analysis and negotiations.
 Physiatry Practice Engaged to hire a Physician Assistant.
 Pediatric Intensivist PracticeEngaged to analyze financial results and internal operations policies and procedures. Recommend strategies to maximize profits. Develop Managing Partner role with responsibilities.
 2 Ob/Gyn PracticesEngaged to complete a full business and financial audit with recommendations
 2 Ob/Gyn PracticesEngaged to complete an RBRVS Cost Accounting Analysis for select procedure codes for 2 different practices for comparison purposes.
 Commercial Real Estate CompanyEngaged to assist in expanding the brokerage sales team.
 Anesthesiology PracticeEngaged to assist the president in the business management of the Anesthesiology practice and the Pain Management practice.
 Third Party Billing CompanyEngaged to assist in the NJ application process for third party billing companies.
 Internal Medicine PracticeEngaged to facilitate the sale and purchase of the practice to an Associate Physician.
 Pain Management PracticeEngaged to assist in developing/implementing polices and procedures and a Business Plan.
 Reconstructive and Plastic SurgeonEngaged to assist in developing and implementing a marketing strategy and a Business Plan.
 Third Party Billing CompanyEngaged to assist in developing an extended services proposal for a key client.
 Family PracticeEngaged to audit practice compliance with HIPAA Privacy and Security rules and regulations.
 Internal Medicine PracticeEngaged to facilitate the sale of an internal medicine practice to a new owner. Involves support with negotiation of the price, payment options and physician compensation; Assistance with Sale and Purchase Agreement, Promissory Note and an Employment Agreement.
 Podiatry PracticeEngaged to assist in transitioning a new doctor into the practice. Job description, employment agreement and compensation package.
 Radiology PracticeEngaged to analyze practice performance through benchmark review of financial and management reports. Engagement also includes re-negotiation of a hospital contract for radiology services.
 HIPAA Security ManualsProvide direction for implementation of Security Manuals for 7 medical practices and 2 Medical Billing Companies.
 Orthopedic PracticeEngaged to assist in developing marketing alternatives and use of RBRVA analysis to determine profit or loss of procedures performed.
 Family PracticeEngaged to assist in evaluating physician business time management, developing business priorities and staffing alternatives.
 PhysiatristEngaged to assist in negotiating a Medical Director Agreement and opening a private practice.
 Medical Eyeglass CompanyEngaged to develop and present a business sales skill training program for 60 + optometrists.
 Commercial Real Estate and Appraisal CompanyEngaged to assist in developing and implementing the 2005 Business Plan.
 Physician Billing CompanyEngaged to update their EPM with assistance of a labor attorney.
 Surgical PracticeAssist in strategic the recruitment of 2 new surgeons to the practice. Considering senior partner buy-out alternatives.
 Pediatric EndocrinologistAssisting in evaluation and negotiation of a faculty practice employment contract.
 Pain Management and Rehabilitation PracticeEngaged to assist with internal/external marketing plan and to evaluate Nursing Home contract
 Family PracticeEngaged to develop an Employee Policy Manual with a labor attorney.
 Hospitalist Engaged to assist hospitalist in setting up a private practice
 Surgical PracticeAssist in physician recruitment including term sheet and buy-in/but-out methodology.
 Pain Management PracticeEngaged to assist with marketing plan and implementation.
 Ophthalmology PracticeEngaged to conduct a full practice evaluation, analyze results and make specific recommendations.
 Dermatology PracticeEngaged to assist in analyzing RBRVS profit or loss resulting from managed care contractual relationships.
 Business developmentEngaged to assist client in research and development of two healthcare initiatives. First, to establish back office support for US billing companies out of India and second to establish a nurse recruiting program out of the Philippines.
 Internal Medicine PracticeEngaged to craft a 12 month proforma statement of practice income and expenses to support a loan agreement.
 Internal Medicine and Cardiology PracticeEngaged to assist in facilitating hiring an Associate Physician, negotiating related contract content and developing a buy-in strategy.
 Internal Medicine and General PracticeEngaged to assist in selling the practice.
 Anesthesiology and Pain Management PracticeEngaged to review and facilitate updating of Employee Policy Manual
 Physician entrepreneurEngaged to assist in project management, strategic planning and land development and ancillary services projects.
 Cardiothoracic Surgical PracticeEngaged to develop a HIPAA Privacy Plan Implementation Guide.
 Pediatric PracticeEngaged to analyze financial state of the business and recommend specific remedial activities to improve profit.
 Neuro-surgical PracticeEngaged to advise surgeon regarding a physician recruitment agreement and/or an employment agreement
 Neonatal PracticeEngaged to negotiate a professional services agreement with a healthcare system.
 Surgical PracticeEngaged to assist in negotiating a physician recruitment agreement, an ED remuneration agreement, and a professional services agreement with a healthcare system.
 Surgical PracticeEngaged to assist and analyze various software program alternatives and make purchase.
 Commercial Realty BrokerageEngaged to facilitate Business Plan Development retreat.
 Skilled Nursing Facility Management CompanyEngaged to develop and present 2 day in service customer training program.
 Neuro-surgical PracticeEngaged to assist in developing buy-out strategy.
 Cosmetic and Dermatology PracticeEngaged to develop job description for Associate Physician and structure buy-in model for partnership
 Surgical PracticeEngaged to assist in developing Associate Physician Employment Agreement and negotiate healthcare system recruitment agreement
 Commercial Development CompanyEngaged to assist in various projects related to the development of a 500,000 square foot medical/business professional commercial office park.
 Anesthesiology PracticeEngaged to develop a HIPAA Privacy Plan Implementation Guide.
 Employed OphthalmologistEngaged to assist in evaluating buy-in opportunity.
 Cosmetic Surgical PracticeEngaged to develop a HIPAA Privacy Plan Implementation Guide.
 General Surgery PracticeProvide information to the surgeon to help in negotiating ED call reimbursement.
 Internal Medicine PracticeEngaged to develop a HIPAA Privacy Plan Implementation Guide.
 Internal Medicine PracticeEngaged to assist an attorney in the development of an Associate Physician Employment Agreement and Job Description
 Urgi-CenterEngaged to develop job descriptions and assist in the interviewing process for staff in an urgi-center.
 Ophthalmology PracticeEngaged to develop a HIPAA Implementation Plan.
 Billing and Collection CompanyEngaged to analyze performance of 37 person staff and company internal strategic planning initiatives. Project involved gathering detailed individual staff data, interviewing various team units, the management team and owners. Executive summary with recommendations was presented upon conclusion of this assignment.
 Hospital based Nephrology PracticeEngaged to provide a compensation analysis.
 Internal MedicineEngaged to develop a HIPAA Privacy Plan Implementation Guide.
 Internal medicine/nephrologyEngaged to develop a HIPAA Privacy Plan Implementation Guide.
 Pediatric PracticeEngaged to develop a HIPAA Privacy Plan Implementation Guide.
 Maternal-Fetal PracticeEngaged to assist in evaluating and negotiating ancillary income opportunities from hospital relationships.
 Ob/Gyn practiceEngaged to develop a HIPAA Privacy Plan Implementation Guide
 Surgical PracticeEngaged to develop and implement a HIPAA Privacy Manual.
 Family MedicineEngaged to develop and implement a HIPAA Privacy Manual.
 Internal Medicine PracticeEngaged to organize two practices that will share administrative and other business related expenses.
 7 Dental PracticesEngaged to develop and facilitate implementation of HIPAA Privacy Manuals for 7 practices.
 Surgery PracticeEngaged to re-negotiate levels of managed care remuneration.
 Dermatology PracticeEngaged to assist in crafting wording/parameters for an attorney to use in developing an associate physician compensation plan, employment Term Sheet and an employment agreement.
 Spine and Rehabilitation PracticeEngaged to develop a set of financial management reports to be used in managing the results (profitability) of the practice.
 Surgical PracticeEngaged to negotiate greater payor reimbursement, analyze payor profiles and results and eliminate payors as required.
 Anesthesiology and Pain Management PracticeEngaged to develop and implement a HIPAA Privacy Plan.
 Surgical PracticeEngaged to develop and implement an Employee Policy Manual and HIPAA Privacy Implementation Plan
 Surgical PracticeEngaged to assist in recruiting and hiring a PA and an additional surgeon.
 Ob/Gyn PracticeEngaged to prepare and deliver a HIPAA Privacy Implementation Plan and assist in developing the implementation strategy.
 Neurology PracticeEngaged to prepare and deliver a HIPAA Privacy Implementation Plan and assist in developing the implementation strategy
 Teaching HospitalEngaged to develop and present Thompson Business Skill Training Program for Senior Residents.
 Specialty Surgical PracticeEngaged to assist in hiring an additional surgeon for the practice.
 Spine and Rehabilitation Practice and Pain Management PracticeEngaged to assist in opening a new practice with 2 locations. Assist in securing space and staff. Engaged to design a job description and Performance Review Form for a Medical Receptionist and Office Manager; Secure office space in a second location. Engaged to assist in interviewing and hiring and training a practice manager.
 Internal Medicine PracticeEngaged to work with an attorney in developing develop an Employee Policy Manual.
 Third Party Billing CompaniesEngaged by two Third Party Billing Companies to assist in certification requirements mandated by the State Department of Banking and Insurance.
 Maternal-Fetal Medicine PracticeEngaged to assist in developing and implementing a practice “risk-management” program designed to reduce the exposure to professional liability incidents and claims.
 Surgical PracticeEngaged to assist in evaluating financial health of the practice and to assist in the hiring process for a new surgeon.
 Surgical PracticeEngaged to facilitate merger of two practices.
 Ophthalmology PracticeEngaged to assist in expanding practice to a second location and opening a surgi-center.
 Cardiology PracticeEngaged to develop Compliance Plan and an Employee Policy Manual for the practice. Assist as needed in the Implementation process of the Compliance Plan.
 Pediatric Practice Engaged to review practice financial reports on a monthly basis, analyze and make recommendations. Assist in implementation as necessary.
 Assisted Living Management CompanyEngaged to assist in developing referring physician network
 Hospital Medical StaffEngaged to assist in negotiations with the hospital administration in crafting an ER and indigent care reimbursement Services Agreement. Explore potential of incorporating medical staff to pursue strategic alliance and joint venture opportunities with a hospital system.
 Surgical PracticeEngaged to facilitate staff meetings to accomplish 3 objectives – Establish policies and procedures and front desk and back office, create scripts for dealing with common patient and doctor questions and establishing scheduling and financial policies.
 Ob/Gyn practiceAssist in hiring an associate physician. Refine associate employment agreement and develop an associate job description.
 Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgical GroupDevelop and implement a Practice Compliance Program including Employee Policy Manual and Implementation Guide. Develop a Physician Policy Manual for guidance related to physician activity in the practice. Assisting practice in negotiating an ER Service Agreement with a local hospital system. Developing alternative compensation plan for associate physician.
 Ear, Nose and Throat PracticeDevelop and implement a Practice Compliance Program including Employee Policy Manual and Implementation Guide.
 Healthcare Multimedia Medical communications and marketing firmEngaged to assist in completing an Employee Policy Manual
 ENT – Balance SpecialistEngaged to develop and implement a marketing campaign to target selective referral sources.
 Cardiology Practices Engaged to facilitate the development of a freestanding medical office building housing an Electron Beam Tomography (ETB) Unit.
 Ophthalmic practice and Optical ShopEngaged to facilitate the sale of the practice. Assisting practice in negotiating an ER Service Agreement with a local hospital system. Crafting a Center of Excellence for Eye Care for presentation to the hospital Administration. Assisting in the recruiting of a general ophthalmologist. Coordinating merger discussion between multiple practices to for the foundation for a hospital based ophthalmic practice
 National multi-service information systems consulting companyEngaged to support HIPAA compliance project.
 Anesthesiology PracticeEngaged to assist in negotiating services contract for a surgi-center, review of related contracts and managed care and billing requirements. General practice management responsibilities. Additional project – expansion of Pain practice to different locations.
 National provider of healthcare information systemsEngaged to offer alternative strategies in marketing and sales to physician practices. Assist in developing a spreadsheet medical practice “profit indicator” management tool. Conduct a pilot program in the US Mid-West Region to promote and teach a 21-hour business skill education seminar series for practice managers and administrators.
 Ophthalmic PracticeEngaged to facilitate relationship with a management company to manage the practice’s dispensary.
 Internal Medicine/ Family PracticeEngaged to assist in the sale of the practice.
 Pediatric PracticeEngaged to assist physicians in developing financial and management reports. Analyzing results and comparing them to industry benchmarks. Developing and implementing effective written billing and collection policies and procedures. Develop a Compliance Manual for the practice.
 Third Party Billing CompanyEngaged to develop a Corporate Compliance Manual for 3 locations.
 Ophthalmology PracticeEngaged to assist the Practice in the development and implementation of their Compliance Manual
 Internal MedicineEngaged to assist owner in developing associate physician employee agreements. Additionally, owner wants to formulate a transition strategy for sale of practice to associates.
 Internal MedicineEngaged to evaluate current use of management and financial system reports. Run current reports, analyze and make recommendations for maximizing use of those reports.
 Ophthalmology Practice Engaged to analyze practice management infrastructure and create a model that would minimize physician’s involvement in day to day operations. Review compensation model and determine alternative methodology.
 Internal Medicine PracticeEngaged to analyze expense reduction alternatives, and patient schedule expansion to accommodate more patients.
 Internal Medicine PracticeEngaged to uncover initial information in determining the feasibility of proceeding with a purchase of a multi-location practice.
 Urology PracticeEngaged to review and analyze results of third party billing company efforts and make specific recommendations for maximum return.
 Pain Management PracticeEngaged to develop and effect a Business Plan for desired growth and expansion.
 General Practice Engaged to review financial results related to various managed care contracts to make decisions concerning continuance or termination. Developing new patient strategies for revenue growth
 Third Party Billing CompanyEngaged to draft two opinion letters regarding physician coding responsibilities and compliance risk exposures of a county owned medical clinic providing physician billing services.
 Ophthalmology PracticeEngaged to recruit a licensed optician for dispensary in MD’s practice.
 Internal Medicine PracticeEngaged to complete a “baseline” practice risk assessment analysis and written report.
 Gastroenterology PracticeEngaged to complete a “baseline” practice risk assessment analysis and written report.
 OphthalmologyWas engaged to assist physician in evaluating different opportunities for employment in other practices. Reviewing draft employee agreements and developing a strategy for effective negotiation.
 Internal Medicine PracticeEngaged to develop a Compliance Plan and an Employee Policy Manual.
 Neurology PracticeEngaged to develop a Compliance Plan including an updated Employee Policy Manual for the practice and to assist in implementation as necessary.
 Orthopaedic SurgeonEngaged to assist in developing strategies to sell practice and to seek other medical related employment.
 Multi-Specialty Medical GroupEngaged to analyze operations and management infrastructure. As a result of initial work, was asked to analyze front desk operation and make recommendations for improvements and then implement them. Deal with different billing department management issues.
 OB/GYN PracticeEngaged to analyze practice financial drivers and develop job description for Practice Manager. Following this initial work, was asked to develop a Managing Partner job description and assist the practice implementing the redesign of the management infrastructure and prioritizing and developing a strategy for achieving critical practice goals. Subsequently, developed a new compensation plan for associate physicians. Work with associate physician in development and implementation of a marketing plan designed to increase numbers of new patients.
 Medical Internet Portal CompanyEngaged to complete a due-diligence analysis of on-line medical/dental on-line consulting services offered to physicians, doctors and other allied professionals.
 Medical Billing CompanyEngaged to develop a Corporate Compliance Program.
 OB/GYN practiceEngaged to assist in practice start-up and sale of a practice in another state.
 Anesthesiology PracticeEngaged to development a Corporate Compliance Program, Employee Policy Manual, organizational refinements, and to deal with other management infrastructure issues.
 Pediatric practiceEngaged to analyze ownership issues and to provide possible alternatives fully explaining ramifications. Further engaged to assist in full practice start-up project. Engaged to assist in purchase of practice. Set up operations manuals, hire manager etc.
 GYN solo practiceEngaged to facilitate the sale of the practice and development of a transition strategy.
 Gastroenterology practiceEngaged to analyze with physician compensation issues and develop alternative methodologies. Also facilitating a merger with another GI practice.
 Colon and Rectal Surgical practiceEngaged to develop an Employee Policy Manual for the practice.
 Dermatology Engaged to assist in development of policies and procedures and positioning the practice to take on a new physician.
 Allergy and Immunology practiceEngaged to develop an Employee Policy Manual, job descriptions and a Compliance Policy Manual for the practice.
 Computer hardware/software companyEngaged as business consultant to Advisory Board to assist in the development of a Business Plan and Marketing Strategy for expansion of this business in the dental industry. Assisting also in the development of the management infrastructure for the organization.
 IPAEngaged to work with Administrator and Executive Committee on contractual and other business/operational activities including web site development and a functional business plan.
 Medical chart documentation and audit companyAssigned operational responsibilities for the company on an independent contractor basis. Duties include and are not limited to proposal development and follow-up, follow up/develop new business opportunities, A/R accountability and personnel management support. Assist in sale of the company.
 PodiatristEngaged to review and comment on an employment agreement.
 Insurance Brokerage Engaged to assist with agency acquisitions, attempting to develop Corporate Compliance Program insurance product for physicians. Engaged to evaluate staff and performance capabilities and make recommendations. Provide sales management support for in-house producers. Involved in the development of a new marketing concept to large physician organizations and physician practices.
 Physician Billing Company Engaged to develop and implement an incentive program for employees. This program will is designed to complement corporate objectives. Assisting in management issues including development of a Corporate Compliance Program. Developing and implementing a Corporate Compliance Program.
 Oncology Surgical practiceEvaluation of staff efficiency, operational protocol and development of and Business Plan for the practice.
 IPAProviding consulting expertise on an as needed basis to provide a business perspective of proceeding with various opportunities associated with this group of physicians. Including group purchasing, contracting and income development. Engaged to negotiate contracts with healthcare system. Engaged to facilitate discussions with potential attorneys, accountants and managed care experts that could assist the physicians. Engaged to present 10 different compliance seminars to physician members of the IPA.
 ENT/Cosmetic surgery practiceEngaged to assist in evaluating the performance of the practice. Project includes analysis of operations and development of a Business Plan. Engaged to present material in the THOMPSON “Business Management Skills Development Program”Ó to the Office Manager.
 Manufacturing /Distribution CompanyEngaged to review and refine a marketing document designed to attract other distributors to sell a product nationally.
 Primary Care practiceEngaged to resolve posting and reimbursement issues and develop a strong and very defined marketing plan to increase the physician’s patient base.
 Anesthesiology GroupEngaged to assist an anesthesiology group in developing a proposal to provide unbundled services to various surgical groups. Re-negotiating and developing new managed care contracts. Developing and implementing a Corporate Compliance Program and an Employee Policy Manual.
 Insurance CompanyEngaged to develop a workshop seminar for a select group of Agents and Brokers to assist them in fully understanding the practice business issues faced by physicians. The objective is to heighten awareness of exposures to physicians and ways to effectively minimize them through innovative products and services.
 Internal MedicineEngaged to review and comment on an employment agreement for a prospective Associate Physician.
 Primary Care practiceEngaged to review, analyze, design and implement a program addressing the management of the practice, computer and telephone systems, financial Family practice – Recruiting additional physicians for the practice.
 Primary Care practicePerformance, marketing issues, staff requirements and space usage.
 Gastroenterology practiceEngaged to assist in the sale of the practice.
 Ob/Gyn Group practiceEngaged to conduct personal interviews with 30+ Ob/Gyn practices seeking alternative practice model information.
 Multi-Specialty practice Engaged to develop a multi-faceted marketing strategy for the internal medicine division of a large Ob/Gyn group. Teach MD marketing and communication business skills.
 Ophthalmic practiceEngaged to negotiate purchase of existing practice for an associate physician and/or re-negotiation of an employed physician contract.
 Physician Billing CompanyEngaged to develop an Employee Policy Manual. Develop and implement job descriptions for staff. Develop procedures by position and develop a Procedural Manual. Review and analysis of trial balance aging reports over a three-month period.
 Insurance AgencyEngaged to develop a physician-marketing program to expand presence of Agency in a specific target area. Analysis of current book of physician clients with specific recommendations.
 Six Physician Internal Medicine practicesEngaged to analyze front desk operations, design and implement inter-personal and sensitivity training program, and evaluation of compensation issues and patient surveys.
 Internal Medicine/General PractitionerEngaged to sell the practice. Develop potential buyers list, make contacts, interview potential purchasers develop and present a practice overview document, and facilitate the sale of the practice.
 County CollegeWas asked to participate in the development of a federally funded educational series of business and clinical medical skills and interpersonal skill development programs for three hospital systems – My role will ultimately be Project Director if this initiative is secured.
 Underwater Cable CompanyEngaged to assist with the sale of the company – Commercial non-medical – my role was the development of a Business plan for securing additional financing and/or attracting the attention of potential worldwide buyers.
 Neurological Group practiceEngaged to evaluate the practice management infrastructure, collection issues and overall staff’s efficiency. Development and presentation of a comprehensive implementation document and with specific recommendations.
 Occupational Medicine Engaged to develop a Business Plan for the formation of an Alliance Entity for MD’s and DO’s. Base is comprised of five (5) solo physicians.
 General Surgery practiceEngaged to coordinate, facilitate and manage the successful process of merging three (3) solo practitioners into a new PA.
 Multi-Specialty Group practiceSeeking merger prospects and facilitating initial and ongoing discussions.
 Nursing Home/Rehabilitation CompanyDeveloping and selling a program designed to provide ophthalmic and other vision services to nursing and rehabilitation centers through panels of physicians and OD’s. Successfully achieved a contract for providing such services for a national company.
 Cardiology Practice (8 physicians)Engaged to review and extend practice business plan. Evaluate current management infrastructure and make recommendations. Analyze key strengths and limitations of the practice. Engaged to provide consulting advice, direction and assistance in upgrading staff.
 General Surgery practiceEngaged to develop potential purchasers for the practice, develop a practice proforma document, interview potential buyers, interface with several attorneys and accountants, facilitate the entire process and close the deal. This was successfully concluded.
 Rheumatology SpecialtyEngaged to assist a physician in understanding practice alternatives and the possible consequences related to leaving a current practice and establishing another practice in a different state.
 Ob/Gyn PracticeEngaged to assist a practice in understanding the nuances of possible involvement with a physician union.
 Ophthalmology practiceEngaged to assist the physician in consideration of practice growth opportunities. Provided a source document outlining suggested strategy.
 Physician OrganizationDeveloping a services and products menu that could be made available to IPA members.
 Physician Practice Management Company and an Insurance CompanyFacilitated discussions with the prospect of developing a captive program for professional liability insurance for physicians.
 Ob/Gyn practiceEngaged to assist in the development of a single specialty PA with the intent of forming a joint venture MSO with outside business partners.
 Primary Care practiceEngaged to assist in determining alternatives for sale of the practice to a hospital system(s)/consider employee vs. employer relationship/ set priorities and move forward.
 Insurance AgencyEngaged to assist the Agency with understanding Professional Liability/Property Insurance /Employers Liability/ Pension and profit sharing/Health insurance opportunities as they apply to physician practices. Engaged to assist in gathering information that would assist a broker in developing a statewide marketing plan for Physicians Professional Liability, office package, and group disability and group life products.
 Orthopedic practiceEngaged to development of carve out ancillary services contract with primary care physician groups and others. Engaged to assist in the development of an MSO and panel PA – Workers Compensation, IME’s and auto accidents. I wrote the Business Plan for the proposed entity, interfaced consistently with physicians, administrator and attorneys in moving this project forward.
 Orthopedic practiceEngaged to assist with practice management issues/MSO development/recruiting physicians.
 Physician OrganizationEngaged to develop and present an educational series of topical practice management subjects.
 Dental practiceEngaged to assist with many internal management issues/hiring practice manager/marketing/recruiting /management development.
 Chiropractic OrthopedistsMarketing project (IME’s and panel appointment) partnership merger/hospital staff appointment/relationship with Pain Institute
 National Vision Care CorporationEngaged to assist in developing a vision services program distribution network. Facilitated discussions with regional brokerage group.
 Ophthalmology practiceCredentialing/developing managed care capitated and fee for service contracts.
 Pediatric practice Engaged to assist in the sale of the practice to a hospital.
 Cardiology practicePhysician recruiting and dealing with performance compensation issues. Facilitated discussions with a Physician Practice Management Company with interests in purchasing the practice. Assisted in developing and introducing a plan to expand patient base through another cardiology group. Made contacts with a hospital developing a cath lab with interests in my client’s services. Engaged to originate and facilitate discussions with a large primary care group negotiating “carve out” arrangement for invasive cardiology work. Initiated and facilitated discussions with a PPMC regarding panel inclusion for my client and disease management opportunities. Engaged to find physicians interested in time-share opportunities in an effort to lower the operating costs of the practice.
 General Surgery practiceEngaged to assist in physician recruiting/exploring merger opportunities/developing associate physician employment agreements and expanding the management infrastructure of the practice.
 Orthopedic practiceManaged care credentialing of and sale of Ambulatory Surgery Center/hospital negotiations/other third party contacts/facilitation of facility appraisal.
 Primary Care GPWWEngaged to develop business plan and merger facilitation. Negotiation with a hospital system/ seeking strategic partners and capital investors/managing employee issues and training office managers/physician recruiting/resolving computer report production issues. Facilitated merger discussions with another PC Practice, developing strategic partner relationships, understanding and resolving internal management issues related to 18 physician /11 practice GPWW/executive support and coordination. Engaged to develop a proforma to present to financial institutions to secure a finance line of credit to fund the continuing development of the PA.
 Internal Medicine practiceEngaged to resolve practice management issues/developing management infrastructure/developing and utilizing practice financial drivers/analyzing and using computer reports/developing a business plan/product development and design of marketing plans/ physician recruiting/developing job descriptions/resolving AR collection issues and helping the physicians understand and use financial reports.